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A little about what we do.


We are a full service video team, we’ve filmed in numerous countries on 4 continents. We scale according to the project, which means we are able to run a simple two person interview setup, all the way up to a high production TV commercial with a crew of 30. More importantly, we are a team of highly motivated and creative professionals who enjoy what we do and are willing stay up into the night to take a video to the next level.


In our journey of learning to tell great stories through video, we met talented professionals from every corner of the Marketing, Advertising, Fundraising, Social Media and Non-Profit world.
Over time, we realized that in order to best serve our clients, we needed to be able to offer more than creative video content.
Thus, a collaborative agency team was born. We scale according to clients needs and goals, and we’re able to offer ad-agency level of services at a fraction of the cost.


Working with designers takes trust and commitment. You are putting your time, money, and trust on the line. We believe a strong relationship with a high level of communication is required for a project to be successful, and our small yet flexible team is here to help foster a close relationship with all persons involved. When it comes to all things design, we’ve got you covered.

We scale according to clients needs and goals, and we offer an ad-agency level of service at a fraction of the cost.

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The Team

Zane Blanchard

“Video production is what I do and what I love. I have a passion for creating beautiful images and making stories come to life. I live for engaging people in my work and seeing their reactions. I’m also a problem solver and a gear enthusiast, I love to stay up to date on the latest technology driving the innovation of the video production world.” 

- Zane Blanchard
Alexis Kimbrough

What I love most about the design world is that there are endless possibilities. Being a designer gives me the ability to create new things and change the world around me. If I can imagine it, I have the ability to create it. Being in the design industry provides me with opportunities to positively influence the people I come in contact with and through my designs, allow people to see the world through a different perspective. Design captivates our society in such a beautiful way.

- Alexis Kimbrough
David Welch

Experienced B2B and B2C communication and marketing professional, develops loyal audiences for exceptional products, compelling causes, and challenging niche markets. Secured and provided media relations for national media requests, including CBS, NBC and the Associated Press. Unique ability to quickly gain customer insight, stretch dollars, maximize assets, and meet business goals. Strategic, creative…and obsessed with a good visual.

- David Welch
Will Stackable

When someone tells a story, we feel an instant connection with them. Stories connect us, it’s as if in a way we get to relive the experience with them, laugh together or cry together, and the shared memory draws us closer. Video is the medium of storytelling for my generation and it is one of the most effective ways to communicate the story of your company to your clients. I love what I do, I truly enjoy the process of finding and telling stories, of getting to work with people who are passionate about what they do. I’m not part of a “video factory,” I’m not a huge ad agency. Everything I do, I do with excellence. I care about my clients and I want them to be blown away by what I create.

- Will Stackable
Nick Richardson

I have always wanted to be a designer. As a child, the pure aesthetics of skateboards and album covers fascinated me to no end. Fortunately, they still do. Now as an adult I am able to not just admire but contribute to the world of visual design through my own work. Graphic design takes many forms, but the essence of it all is problem solving. I love working with a variety of clients to help them take a vision or goal and turn it into a reality via the power of design. The visual medium can be used for anything and I love thinking big, creating original ideas, and then tirelessly working to bring those ideas to life on paper and the computer.

- Nick Richardson
Will Dickinson

What I love more than anything is sharing an experience with another person.  The idea of connecting with someone, genuinely empathizing with them and being a part of their story is beautiful to me.  As a result, my life’s work has always been to participate in the human experience and live a life rich with connection and love — and then to share that with the world over.  When I see our world, I see a wonderful place with so many people ready to do great things. Through Scissortail I’ve found a way to take the creative process and connect with truly amazing people, delve into an incredible world of passion and inspiration, then give it all back.

- Will Dickinson